Department of Education

  • About Department

  • The Department of Education started functioning in 1987 with pass course and honours course was started in 2008. The department offers degree in B.A Pass and B.A Honours Courses.

  • Vision and Mission

The aim of education is to bring students comprehensive development. Comprehensive development of a student means improvement of his/her ideologies, moral as well as development of scientific, cultural and humanistic qualities. The main aim of education is the enrichment of personality. It is the manifestation of universal value in an individual and thus stands for complete human development. Our prime vision is to develop a competent human being in order to compete today’s world.

  • Courses Offered

1. B.A  (General).   Duration: Three Years(1+1+1). From 2014-2015 Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme Started 

2. B.A (Honours).   Duration: Three Years(1+1+1). From 2014-2015 Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme Started
  • Intake Capacity

B.A Honours- 40 seat.  B.A Pass- 400 seat

  • Eligibility Criteria for Entry Level
  1. For admission in Education Honours, the candidate should have passed H.S.
  2. A general candidate is eligible to apply in Education Hon's course if he/she has secured in H.S or equivalent exam. 40% or above in average along with at least 45% marks in Education or 35 % in average and 50 % in Education.
  3. Candidate should have at least 50 %marks in H.S if he/she didn't have Education as elective subject in H.S.
  4. Selection would be on merit basis subject to the fulfilment of the state government reservation policy.


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Dr. Dipankar Biswas (HOD)



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M. Sc.(Zoology),






PG Diploma in Mass Communication,

PG Programme in Service Industry Management,

Ph. D. in Education.

Primary Education,

Educational Technology.


  • Facilities

Desktop Computer with Internet connection, Smart Classroom, Departmental Library.

  • Seminar/Workshop Organized
  1. Organized a Departmental Seminar on Education System in India from Past to Present Era on 29/9/2015 Resource Person – Dr. Nibas Chandra Sil, Head and Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Rabindranath Tagore Mahavidyalaya, Bisalgarh , Tripura.
  2. Organized a ICSSR, NERC Sponsored National Seminar on “Deterrents on the path of students’ comprehensive development and the ways out, with special reference to the state of Tripura” on  20th and 21st January, 2016 in collaboration with  Department of Physical Education and Department of Education Government Degree College, Kamalpur, Dhalai, Tripura.
  • Project/Research