The vision of the college is to provide quality education in tune with the national higher education policy to the students through supportive, healthy and promising learning environment.


Attempt to provide all available facilities of higher learning to all the students, irrespective of their cast, creed, sex or religion and to develop self-esteem, confidence, creativity, integrity, and to promote quest for excellence and to build overall personality.

The college ensures that the vision and mission of the institution is in tune with the objectives of the higher education policies of the Nation through its promotion of …..

      Inclusiveness in all the academic programmes,

      Relevance of the education it provides.

      Values and ethics.

      Efforts directed at quality sustenance and development.

The college ensures the translation of its vision statement into activities by being guided in its action by the objectives which it has set for itself. These objectives are :

      To provide and cultivate a suitable atmosphere for the overall development of student’s personality.

      To opt capacity building initiatives, to encourage the students to strive for the fulfillment of their potentialities.

      To encourage the active and equal participation of women in the process of decision making in all spheres of the life that will reflect the status of women in society that they deserve.

      To encourage a life long association with learning.

      To inculcate scientific temper to re-arrange attitudes and prejudices.

      To inculcate the social awareness and responsibilities among the student that will help them to offer meaningful contribution to the society and nation.